An illegitimate Prime Minister is no Prime Minister at all

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You won’t recognize Canada when I’m through with it,” said Stephen Harper in 2006, and he was right. These chilling words jumped out at me, sticking a knife in my mind, and from what I had until then regarded as a milquetoast Prime Minister.

That was until his careful and strategic cutting began.  All in the name of fiscal responsibility, you understand, and with every cut the services to Canadians became either more expensive, or non-existent.

With with a stolen majority government, there wasn’t much the weakened opposition could do about the new dictator as he rammed through enormous omnibus bills with sweeping changes to justice and business in Canada.

The right dishonorable Harper has continued escalating the war on drugs while the world goes in the opposite direction, criminalizing the protests of the first nations peoples, and sicking the dogs of their corporate state police on the innocent and free.

I have seen the degradation of the entire system of public protection, and its eventual erosion into pay-per use programs nationwide, and the rise of the prison industrial complex. The cuts made by the Harper regime have been deep, affecting the most sensitive of our cherished social programs, from coastal search and rescue (downgraded to the deficit of public safety) to the end of environmental review.  Our two million rivers and lakes are now unprotected by cancelled environmental rules.

The police guarded petro-state we are heading for will not have many rights, after the TPP is passed, the rights to protest, keep the environment clean, and the right to privacy will be gone, replaced by increasingly complex laws which will make it more difficult not to engage in “criminal behavior” and easier to arrest and shut up. Free-thinking authors will be sanctioned, and silenced as the environmental scientists are now, unable to share opinion and keep the state at bay with penetrating stories and insights.

Canada is for sale! Stephen Harper

As I write, I realize that our Canadian freedom is very much at risk.  We’ve accepted our freedom as fact, but it was never so.  Anyone who’s job hunted will know that you don’t get the job unless you are selected by the company, the concept of utter corporate control over our lives is lost on no one at the deepest levels.  A job isn’t a guarantee, it can easily be pulled, our lives are dependent on corporate whimsey.

This our last chance to end this regime, and stop Stephen Harper from executing his traitorous plan to sell Canada (out) to the world. Canadians are far better people than Steven Harper,  but to listen to him speak, you would think it was the other way around. Harper clearly believes that Canadians are stupid, lazy and mostly criminals, and would gladly lock up more of us for a profit if he could, and he doesn’t have much respect for the First Nations Peoples opposition to his national pipelines either.

Stephen Harper is not a Prime Minister. Not even close. I don’t care how you do it, fire him, impeach him, arrest him, or charge him with stealing the election and ruining the country. Just lets get it done.  An illegitimate Prime Minister is no Prime Minister at all.

Canada has had enough of Stephen Harper.

Daniel Boughen.


Passive smoking – another of the Nanny State’s big lies

By Environment Last updated: December 18th, 2013 [repost]

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Passive smoking doesn’t give you lung cancer. So says a new report publicised by the American Cancer Institute which will come as no surprise whatsoever to anyone with a shred of integrity who has looked into the origins of the great “environmental tobacco smoke” meme.

It was, after all, a decade ago that the British Medical Journal, published the results of a massive, long-term survey into the effects of second-hand tobacco smoke. Between 1959 and 1989 two American researchers named James Enstrom and Geoffrey Kabat surveyed no few than 118,094 Californians. Fierce anti-smoking campaigners themselves, they began the research because they wanted to prove once and for all what a pernicious, socially damaging habit smoking was. Their research was initiated by the American Cancer Society and supported by the anti-smoking Tobacco Related Disease Research Program.

At least it was at first. But then something rather embarrassing happened. Much to their surprise, Kabat and Enstrom discovered that exposure to environmental tobacco smoke (ie passive smoking), no matter how intense or prolonged, creates no significantly increased risk of heart disease or lung cancer.

Similar conclusions were reached by the World Health Organisation which concluded in 1998 after a seven-year study that the correlation between “passive smoking” and lung cancer was not “statistically significant.” A 2002 report by the Greater London Assembly agreed. So too did an investigation by the House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee.

Yet between 2006 and 2007 smoking was banned in all enclosed public places throughout the United Kingdom largely on the basis of the claim – widely promulgated by bansturbating politicians and kill-joy activists – that it was necessary to protect the health of non-smokers. On the basis, in other words, of a blatant and scientifically demonstrable lie.

It’s not just British health Nazis who like to promulgate this myth. Here’s what America’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has to say on the subject:

Secondhand smoke causes an estimated 3,400 lung cancer deaths among U.S. nonsmokers each year.

The actual number, Jacob Sullum argues at Reason, is “probably closer to zero.”

So why does the medical establishment pretend otherwise? Sullum quotes a doctor who comments on the latest study’s findings. The doctor observes primly:

“The strongest reason to avoid passive cigarette smoke is to change societal behavior: to not live in a society where smoking is a norm.”

Aha. Now we’re closer to the mark. What the doctor is showing here are the classic symptoms of “freedom of choice is far too dangerous for the little people” syndrome.

[I hope I don’t need to draw the parallels here with the similarly scientifically unfounded excuses being advanced to justify all sorts of regulatory and confiscatory activity to do with “climate change”]

Was the smoking ban a good idea? Arguably, in some ways. It means that when you come home from a crowded gig or club, now, your hair and clothes no longer smell of stale smoke; it forces smokers to smoke less than they might otherwise have done because nipping outside for a fag is so inconvenient.

Against that, though, you have to set the enormous damage which has been done to the pub industry – and indeed to the atmosphere within pubs and clubs. More worrying still, though, is the ugly precedent it has set for the arbitrary confiscation by the State of property rights.

It should have been left up to individual institutions – private members clubs especially, but pubs and restaurants too – whether or not they wished to allow smoking on their premises. Punters would then have been free to choose whether or not they wished, on any given evening, to sacrifice their unalienable right not to be exposed to other people’s deadly tobacco smoke.

That is how free societies work. Free people make free choices.

In 2006 and 2007 in Britain – and at various other dates in other countries around the world – the forces of authoritarian government took away those rights. On the basis of a massive lie.

freedom of speech?

We claim to enjoy many freedoms in this country, we hope them to be protected and while that may be simplistically and relatively so, we must ask at what cost and at what cost to ourselves, and to whose denigration do we enjoy these freedoms?

I’m sure its a fine life to be one of the ones whose work is handy to the cause, well compensated and effectively compartmentalized from the purpose and thereby protected by the system.  Not so fine to disagree.  Opposition faces a withering attack and media silence, the true heroes of our day fight in the worst conditions. The wisest among us have postulated that freedom of speech is an illusion, and it can be revealingly debated by starting with the questions which show that the platform for any debate is always a slanted one.:

  1. Does freedom of speech include the freedom to lie?
  2. Who is compelled by  to be truthful?
  3. Who is allowed to lie?
  4. Does the law decide the fate of humanity, or does humanity decide the fate of law?

Realistically, if a debate isn’t independent and beyond the control of the existing political and industrial mechanisms, then it is absolutely subject to sabotage, since the infiltration of corporate agenda into the discussion will cause it to be manipulated into desirable outcomes. Politics can interfere by changing the rules of conduct making it easier to win.  once scientists are muzzled they may say what they wish without the rule of law has become an impediment to debates and, placing itself above the facts and truth of humanities evolution, has become a menace to peace.

As the compartmentalized arm of corporate power, the rule of law is the visible end of the corporate threat emerging today to exploit, waste, pollute and profit from the human population, and it behaves exactly like a viral infection.

Independent debate is the key. Honest discussion is the antivirus, and they know it. The rule of law impedes honest debate, and is the fundamental flaw of modern democracy.

Daniel Boughen

This is what freedom looks like

Seldom do you see freedom expressed as well as this, kudos to WordPress!

The WordPress Freedoms:

WordPress is Free and open source software, built by a distributed community of mostly volunteer developers from around the world. WordPress comes with some awesome, worldview-changing rights courtesy of its license, the GPL.

  1. You have the freedom to run the program, for any purpose.
  2. You have access to the source code, the freedom to study how the program works, and the freedom to change it to make it do what you wish.
  3. You have the freedom to redistribute copies of the original program so you can help your neighbor.
  4. You have the freedom to distribute copies of your modified versions to others. By doing this you can give the whole community a chance to benefit from your changes.

WordPress grows when people like you tell their friends about it, and the thousands of businesses and services that are built on and around WordPress share that fact with their users. We’re flattered every time someone spreads the good word, just make sure to check out our trademark guidelines first.

Every plugin and theme in’s directory is 100% GPL or a similarly free and compatible license, so you can feel safe finding plugins and themes there. If you get a plugin or theme from another source, make sure to ask them if it’s GPL first. If they don’t respect the WordPress license, we don’t recommend them.

Don’t you wish all software came with these freedoms? So do we! For more information, check out the Free Software Foundation.

Has your mind been rented?


medicblokThere surely is a lot of information out there these days, and lots of disinformation as well. The challenge to anyone trying to sort it out lies in determining where the said information comes from, and discerning the purpose of the author when he wrote the article. In order to be satisfied it is based in fact, the reader must always go through a series of analyses to determine the veracity, truthfulness,  and the impact of what has been written.  I’m posting a few of my own guidelines to hopefully assist in this.

  • What was the original source of the article?
  • Is the article factual? Can its claims be verified by peer-based reviews?
  • What was tone of the article. Was it to inform or debunk?
  • Does the author  have expert credentials, or is he a shill paid by a corporation? (Google the author)
  • Was the work satisfying to read, or did the article leave you with a sense of cognitive dissonance?
  • How well did the information that was presented line up with known facts?

Due to the massive onslaught of data from the many and varied sources, anyone who has not got time to spend delving into the sources of newly written articles is vulnerable to hoodwinking by articles which are disguised as news, but are in fact SALES ADS put forward in PR campaigns by parties with a vested interest in swaying public opinion. Some of them simply repeat false information, to keep the debate muddy and divert attention from the facts.

Facts are alarmingly few in these articles, unless they have been skewed by the deliberate omission of other key facts, and slanted to generate positive public opinion,  and stir unnecessary debate of pointless issues which are little more than red herrings and wild geese.

To quote a case in point,  a recent article going around quotes the CMA as says doctors in Canada don’t know how to prescribe Cannabis because its not a drug with a registered number, and they don’t know how to prescribe a herb.  Another piece of trash written by a doctor repeats the lie that Cannabis causes men’s breasts to grow.

Although the unholy association of doctors and pharmaceuticals say they would like to register Cannabis, their actions say otherwise: They dismiss ten thousand years of studies, and rail at the notion of removing doctors from the equation, although by their own admission they are completely unqualified due to their own ignorance.

They insist on redirecting the conversation by considering what no-one in their right mind would, and suggest making it more purified like other drugs so they can study it.  They deliberately ignore all studies on Cannabis, denying the facts, and effectively leaving everyone else out in hopes they will end up with full control over the lucrative Cannabis market.

See how that worked? Using ads and PR, the dealers of drugs didn’t even have to consult with Canadians to take over a new market in herbal medicines and shut everyone out. They would buy it out, only to shut it down, since there is no money in a cure.

Rich Doctors…


The 30 percent off SCAM

blowoutsaleA huge and gaudy, multicolored sign screams from every window:  “30% off! EVERYTHING MUST GO!!!!”

In every store, the yearly deception begins as retailers try their best to separate you from your real cash savings using every trick in their nasty book.

Many of the numbsters think the deals are great, offering some kind of ritual feeding of zombie-respite, but in reality a reduction in price is an admission that they have been lying about their product’s value for nearly the entire year and only now, when the next spate of gadgets is scheduled to come out and when the market is flooded with OBSOLETE CRAP are they ready to reduce their prices to within a sliver of their bottom line profit margin. (yeah, they still made plenty.)

But wait, there’s more. Their claim that you are “SAVING” by purchasing the useless and tightly hyped products is entirely fraudulent. In fact you aren’t saving at all, but rather you are spending your hard earned savings. “Saving” is the biggest lie that retailers corporations and sales organizations tell.

There is no advantage to the aptly named “consumer”,  who like cattle happily munch thru resources with nary a thought, and not a single neuron is ever given to their financial well being when these psychological sleights of hand are used to boost the corporate bottom line.

Don’t let anyone tell you you aren’t being manipulated by ads, they themselves know better, and the PR departments of corporations have the figures and profits to prove it.

When Black Friday comes, don’t fall for their whining about making it through or not surviving without black Friday profits from the consumers, take it for what it is, and hear how the wheedling language becomes less polite and more rude and demanding every year.  Fight the urge, and buy no goods. If they can’t survive, I say let them fail.

Don’t fall for their absurd deceptions and psychobabble nonsense. “Savings” stay in the bank. Savings have absolutely nothing to do with the latest gadgets they try to sell you, with their snake-oil slickness and quadruple double back talk.  Listen up, and you know its true. When it’s time for after sales service, don’t you just KNOW they are going to be little bitches about it?

For all of us.

Buy nothing on Friday November 29th

Daniel Boughen