An illegitimate Prime Minister is no Prime Minister at all

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You won’t recognize Canada when I’m through with it,” said Stephen Harper in 2006, and he was right. These chilling words jumped out at me, sticking a knife in my mind, and from what I had until then regarded as a milquetoast Prime Minister.

That was until his careful and strategic cutting began.  All in the name of fiscal responsibility, you understand, and with every cut the services to Canadians became either more expensive, or non-existent.

With with a stolen majority government, there wasn’t much the weakened opposition could do about the new dictator as he rammed through enormous omnibus bills with sweeping changes to justice and business in Canada.

The right dishonorable Harper has continued escalating the war on drugs while the world goes in the opposite direction, criminalizing the protests of the first nations peoples, and sicking the dogs of their corporate state police on the innocent and free.

I have seen the degradation of the entire system of public protection, and its eventual erosion into pay-per use programs nationwide, and the rise of the prison industrial complex. The cuts made by the Harper regime have been deep, affecting the most sensitive of our cherished social programs, from coastal search and rescue (downgraded to the deficit of public safety) to the end of environmental review.  Our two million rivers and lakes are now unprotected by cancelled environmental rules.

The police guarded petro-state we are heading for will not have many rights, after the TPP is passed, the rights to protest, keep the environment clean, and the right to privacy will be gone, replaced by increasingly complex laws which will make it more difficult not to engage in “criminal behavior” and easier to arrest and shut up. Free-thinking authors will be sanctioned, and silenced as the environmental scientists are now, unable to share opinion and keep the state at bay with penetrating stories and insights.

Canada is for sale! Stephen Harper

As I write, I realize that our Canadian freedom is very much at risk.  We’ve accepted our freedom as fact, but it was never so.  Anyone who’s job hunted will know that you don’t get the job unless you are selected by the company, the concept of utter corporate control over our lives is lost on no one at the deepest levels.  A job isn’t a guarantee, it can easily be pulled, our lives are dependent on corporate whimsey.

This our last chance to end this regime, and stop Stephen Harper from executing his traitorous plan to sell Canada (out) to the world. Canadians are far better people than Steven Harper,  but to listen to him speak, you would think it was the other way around. Harper clearly believes that Canadians are stupid, lazy and mostly criminals, and would gladly lock up more of us for a profit if he could, and he doesn’t have much respect for the First Nations Peoples opposition to his national pipelines either.

Stephen Harper is not a Prime Minister. Not even close. I don’t care how you do it, fire him, impeach him, arrest him, or charge him with stealing the election and ruining the country. Just lets get it done.  An illegitimate Prime Minister is no Prime Minister at all.

Canada has had enough of Stephen Harper.

Daniel Boughen.


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