Has your mind been rented?


medicblokThere surely is a lot of information out there these days, and lots of disinformation as well. The challenge to anyone trying to sort it out lies in determining where the said information comes from, and discerning the purpose of the author when he wrote the article. In order to be satisfied it is based in fact, the reader must always go through a series of analyses to determine the veracity, truthfulness,  and the impact of what has been written.  I’m posting a few of my own guidelines to hopefully assist in this.

  • What was the original source of the article?
  • Is the article factual? Can its claims be verified by peer-based reviews?
  • What was tone of the article. Was it to inform or debunk?
  • Does the author  have expert credentials, or is he a shill paid by a corporation? (Google the author)
  • Was the work satisfying to read, or did the article leave you with a sense of cognitive dissonance?
  • How well did the information that was presented line up with known facts?

Due to the massive onslaught of data from the many and varied sources, anyone who has not got time to spend delving into the sources of newly written articles is vulnerable to hoodwinking by articles which are disguised as news, but are in fact SALES ADS put forward in PR campaigns by parties with a vested interest in swaying public opinion. Some of them simply repeat false information, to keep the debate muddy and divert attention from the facts.

Facts are alarmingly few in these articles, unless they have been skewed by the deliberate omission of other key facts, and slanted to generate positive public opinion,  and stir unnecessary debate of pointless issues which are little more than red herrings and wild geese.

To quote a case in point,  a recent article going around quotes the CMA as says doctors in Canada don’t know how to prescribe Cannabis because its not a drug with a registered number, and they don’t know how to prescribe a herb.  Another piece of trash written by a doctor repeats the lie that Cannabis causes men’s breasts to grow.

Although the unholy association of doctors and pharmaceuticals say they would like to register Cannabis, their actions say otherwise: They dismiss ten thousand years of studies, and rail at the notion of removing doctors from the equation, although by their own admission they are completely unqualified due to their own ignorance.

They insist on redirecting the conversation by considering what no-one in their right mind would, and suggest making it more purified like other drugs so they can study it.  They deliberately ignore all studies on Cannabis, denying the facts, and effectively leaving everyone else out in hopes they will end up with full control over the lucrative Cannabis market.

See how that worked? Using ads and PR, the dealers of drugs didn’t even have to consult with Canadians to take over a new market in herbal medicines and shut everyone out. They would buy it out, only to shut it down, since there is no money in a cure.

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