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BLOGSHOT2Do you want to write in the spirit of Free Speech? Have you got a story to tell? Ready to speak out about the suffering caused by the escalating Police Action and the attack on our democratic rights? Do you feel your interests are being considered when big government plows ahead without looking forward? Wouldn’t you like to add your voice to the call to control your government’s agenda?

We agree, it is time to speak up, and speak out.  With that in mind, we are forming a blogging community right here at  so budding activists and writers  may share their opinions to their social networks with ease and in style.

There are a million untold stories, and free citizens should be able to eat, drink, smoke. love who they want, or or even grow marijuana seeds, free of persecution. we hope to give a specific platform with which to SPEAK OUT!

  • Simple to use, inexpensive, and highly effective Blogs
  • $14.95 a YEAR (That’s just $1.24 a month)
  • You select the address,
  • Includes plug ins for social networking and many other other features!

We provide you with a WordPress BLOG with full plug in access, 100 MB of web-space and 1 GB per month of traffic and full support to get started.

Artwork, banners, blocks and photo art projects are also available.

Just click on our contact us page to send us a request.


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