The 30 percent off SCAM

blowoutsaleA huge and gaudy, multicolored sign screams from every window:  “30% off! EVERYTHING MUST GO!!!!”

In every store, the yearly deception begins as retailers try their best to separate you from your real cash savings using every trick in their nasty book.

Many of the numbsters think the deals are great, offering some kind of ritual feeding of zombie-respite, but in reality a reduction in price is an admission that they have been lying about their product’s value for nearly the entire year and only now, when the next spate of gadgets is scheduled to come out and when the market is flooded with OBSOLETE CRAP are they ready to reduce their prices to within a sliver of their bottom line profit margin. (yeah, they still made plenty.)

But wait, there’s more. Their claim that you are “SAVING” by purchasing the useless and tightly hyped products is entirely fraudulent. In fact you aren’t saving at all, but rather you are spending your hard earned savings. “Saving” is the biggest lie that retailers corporations and sales organizations tell.

There is no advantage to the aptly named “consumer”,  who like cattle happily munch thru resources with nary a thought, and not a single neuron is ever given to their financial well being when these psychological sleights of hand are used to boost the corporate bottom line.

Don’t let anyone tell you you aren’t being manipulated by ads, they themselves know better, and the PR departments of corporations have the figures and profits to prove it.

When Black Friday comes, don’t fall for their whining about making it through or not surviving without black Friday profits from the consumers, take it for what it is, and hear how the wheedling language becomes less polite and more rude and demanding every year.  Fight the urge, and buy no goods. If they can’t survive, I say let them fail.

Don’t fall for their absurd deceptions and psychobabble nonsense. “Savings” stay in the bank. Savings have absolutely nothing to do with the latest gadgets they try to sell you, with their snake-oil slickness and quadruple double back talk.  Listen up, and you know its true. When it’s time for after sales service, don’t you just KNOW they are going to be little bitches about it?

For all of us.

Buy nothing on Friday November 29th

Daniel Boughen

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